Scattergood Ethics


The ScattergoodEthics Institute Series is the flagship educational initiative of the ScattergoodEthics Program.  Led by faculty from the University of Pennsylvania Department of Medical Ethics & Department of Psychiatry, ScattergoodEthics Institutes offer topical and timely content on a variety of ethical issues related to behavioral healthcare practice and policy.  Continuing medical education and continuing educational units are available at all Institutes.


Dangerousness & Involuntary Treatment: An Applied Ethics Workshop
March 19, 2014

What is Recovery? Ethical Challenges & Clinical Transformations
May 18, 2012
Faculty: Jonathan Lukens, Dominic Sisti, Phyllis Solomon

Categories & Controversies: The Ethical Dimensions of the DSM-5
September 16, 2011
Featured Speaker: David Kupfer, MD, Chair, DSM-5 Task Force; Department of Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Faculty: Marna Barrett, PhD; Arthur Caplan, PhD; Benjamin DiCicco-Bloom, MA; Debra Dunn, JD; John Giugliano, PhD; David Mandell, ScD; Dominic Sisti, PhD; Phyllis Solomon, PhD; Michael Thase, MD; Lance Wahlert, MSc; Michael Yudell, PhD, MPH 

Cluster B Personality Disorders: Ethical Issues in Nosology, Diagnosis & Treatment
May 6, 2011
Faculty: Marna Barrett, PhD; Anthony Rostain, MD; John Maher, MD; Dominic Sisti, PhD

Behavioral Healthcare Ethics Summer Institute
July 15-16, 2010
Faculty: Marna Barrett, PhD; Arthur Caplan, PhD; Anthony Rostain, MD; Robert Sadoff, JD; Phyllis Solomon, PhD

Behavioral Healthcare Ethics Winter Institute
January 14, 2010
Faculty: Marna Barrett, PhD; Celia Fisher, PhD; Angelique Reitsma, MD; Anthony Rostain, MD; Harold Schwartz, MD; Kenneth Weiss, MD