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ScattergoodEthics Confabs

Modeled loosly on the Jeffersonian Dinner model, ScattergoodEthics Confabs provide an opportunity for interdsciplinary dialogue, debate, and collaboration.   The goal of each Confab is to crystalize a set of important ideas around a specific question in behavioral health care ethics. Participants are diverse and include senior clinicians and trainees, consumers, academicians, philathropists, and advocates.

Confab Topic #1: Should mental health service users be referred to as consumers, patients, survivors, or citizens?| Read Perspectives

Confab Topic #2: Is it ever ethical to withhold from your patient their mental health diagnosis? | Read Perspectives


Consultation Services

Increasingly complex and ethically fraught healthcare delivery systems demand that providers maintain a sharp focus on their healing mission and ensure the best interests of their patients, clients, and employees are served. To meet these demands, faculty from the Center for Bioethics and the ScattergoodEthics Program provide ethics education, consultation and training services to behavioral healthcare agencies large and small. 

Ethicists from the  ScattergoodEthics program are availble to support your organization's ethics committee or ethics officer by reviewing cases, providing resources, and offering recommendations on a case-by-case basis.

For more information on our range of consultation services, please contact us.

Ethics Policy Development

The development and effective implentation of ethics policies can help to cultivate and support an organizational culture based on accountability, core values and ethical awareness.   We offer services designed to assess organizational needs and design ethics policies and procedures for topics including but not limited to: ethics committee make-up and consultation process, conflicts of interest, mental health research ethics, ethical-legal conflicts, matters of indiviudal conscience, client-provider boundaries, and client confidentiality. 

Staff Training

We offer several kinds of education and training programs, all customizable to meet your organization's specific needs:

Leadership retreats | Comprehensive Seminars |  Issue and Case-based Seminars | Ethics Committee Training and Support

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