Scattergood Ethics


The ScattergoodEthics Program offers internships during the school year and over the summer for undergraduate students interested in the ethics of behavioral healthcare. Responsibilities include producing content for the program’s website, helping with the Institute series, assisting on research projects and administrative tasks.  In addition, the ScattergoodEthics Program sponsors independent studies and other academic opportunities for interested students.

Our 2013 summer internship positions are now filled

What our past interns have to say...

"The ScattergoodEthics program is home to outstanding scholars and bioethicists interested in the ethics of behavioral health. Working with the interdisciplinary staff on cutting-edge issues in behavioral healthcare broadened my appreciation of this important field, and of the value of cross-disciplinary dialogue in research and health policy. Helping to organize and expand the Summer Institute for clinicians was a great practical experience as well. The innovative projects spearheaded by the ScattergoodEthics program provide excellent opportunities for interns to cultivate and integrate their practical and theoretical skill-sets. My experiences as an intern in this unique setting were thoroughly educational, engaging and rewarding." Michael Young

“Being involved with ScattergoodEthics right from the start has been incredibly rewarding. Undergraduates rarely have the opportunity to interact with the leading academics in their field on a daily basis, but that is exactly what the ScattergoodEthics Program has enabled me to do. It has exposed me to the inner workings of an emerging scholarly organization, and allowed me to use what I have learned in my coursework and research to contribute directly to its development and success. The ScattergoodEthics Program is clearly at the forefront of the continuing dialogue on the ethics of mental healthcare, and I'm grateful to be a part of it.” Laura Paliani

"My work for the ScattergoodEthics Program has been extremely enlightening as well as extremely fulfilling. One of our largest endeavors this summer – the planning and execution of our Summer Institute – not only opened my mind to a new field of ethical inquiry, but it also allowed me to apply the concepts and tools I have gained in my time as a student independently concentrating in Bioethics at Princeton University. Through the ScattergoodEthics Program, I feel like I have had the opportunity to work towards effecting change and improving educational endeavors in the field of behavioral health ethics. To gain this experience as a summer intern, and as an undergraduate trying to determine my career path, is extremely valuable." Rachel Sachs

“The ScattergoodEthics Program summer internship was truly a pivotal experience for me. I explored the relevant literature to build a comprehensive database, communicated with scholars and experts, participated in meetings on future conferences and website design, and helped build the framework for the first major mental health and ethics program. The people I met from the Scattergood Foundation and at the University of Pennsylvania Center for Bioethics encouraged me both personally and intellectually. The internship helped shape my Behavior, Health and Society theme as a Biology and Society student at Cornell University, and the values, tools, and experiences I gained are constantly resurfacing in coursework, discussions with academics and peers, and my future plans. I am confident and proud that the ScattergoodEthics Program will have a major positive influence in the realm of behavioral health.” Audrey Baker

“My participation in the ScattergoodEthics Summer Internship Program granted me an expanded understanding of the field of bioethics, opportunities to network with faculty, and a variety of other technical skills. The summer provided me with opportunities to explore Philadelphia, grow personally, and gain insight into the professional world of bioethics. My internship with the ScattergoodEthics Program was an incredibly positive experience.” Zachary DelliGatti